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JJ’s Car Wash is excited to be coming to the City of Friendswood and the City of League City. We are truly locally owned with ownership living right here in the Friendswood and League City community. Our goal is simple: to provide the local community with the very best express car wash service at affordable prices; and we will always have free vacuums.

We understand your time is precious, and will not waste it. We will aim to hire team members that share our values and enthusiasm to work towards a common goal…to provide the community with a first-class car wash experience and a smile.

At JJ’s Car Wash, we very much look forward to supporting our local community, the Friendswood Independent School District and Clear Creek Independent School District. We hope you will check our fundraising opportunities and reach out to us to discuss how we can easily assist your organization with your fundraising goals.

We are your neighbors and we hope you will love JJ’s Car Wash and will want to return, we could have no greater Thank You. If, however, you are ever not satisfied, I personally want to know. Below is my personal email address, please drop me a note, you will absolutely hear back from me. Also, please check out our survey page, we would love to hear how we are doing.

Happy Washing and Thank you for Supporting Local Businesses:

JJ Stanford

Mission Statement

Our mission at JJ’s Car Wash is to provide the very best customer service and experience, delivered from an attitude of respect and gratitude. We are founded on the following guiding principles:

1The Platinum Rule:

Always treat Customers the way THEY want to be treated

2The Double Platinum Rule:

Don’t just meet our customer’s expectations, EXCEED them.

We will strive to be a company of integrity dedicated to providing an environment to both our customers and team members that embodies faith, family, and sense of community. We will work hard every day to create raving fans.

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Stellar Crew Needed

At JJ's we aim to recruit individuals who reflect our values & share our enthusiasm to work together towards a common goal...to provide a first-class car wash experience to the community with a smile. Our mission at JJ's Car Wash is to provide the best customer service & experience, from an attitude of respect & gratitude.

Our goal is to be a company of integrity dedicated to providing an environment to both our customers & team members that embodies faith, family, & sense of community. Customer satisfaction is our greatest desire, & we mean to provide it! If they are pleased with our services & want to return, we could have no greater reward. We will work hard every day to create Raving Fans.


1Is JJ’s Express Car Wash Locally Owned?
Yes, JJ’s Express Car Wash is owned by several Friendswood families and a prominent Galveston County businessman. We are very excited to bring a first-class express car wash experience to Friendswood and surrounding communities.
2What is JJ’s Express Car Wash?
JJ’s Express Car Wash will feature a 120’ express tunnel car wash equipped with state-of-the-art car wash equipment along with 16 always free vacuum spaces. JJ’s Car Wash will feature the Friendswood area’s only “Buff -N-Dry” to provide that extra special polish and drying touch to your vehicle.
3Is JJ’s Car Wash a Franchise?
No, JJ’s Car Wash is a self-developed brand. We live here in your community and look forward to supporting Friendswood, Friendswood ISD and our local youth groups and other local organizations.
4What Should I Expect at JJ’s Car Wash?
First, expect a SMILE! Then, simply pull up to one of our touch-screen interactive pay stations -- accepting cash, credit cards and customized fleet and gift cards -- and follow the on-screen video instructions. Once you complete your transaction, the gate will open and you and your car will enter our state-of-the-art conveyorized wash tunnel and exit 120 feet and 3-5 minutes later with a smile on your face and a sparkle on your car. At your discretion, you can also choose to use our FREE vacuums and/or our FREE to use glass cleaner and towels with any purchase.
5Do you offer monthly passes?
Yes, please see our wash menu page. With a monthly pass, you will absolutely save time and money! JJ’s Express Car Wash will provide you with a Rocket Pass tag that is about the size of a stick gum that is applied to the upper left hand corner of your windshield. Using the latest RFID technology each vehicle is instantly recognized as it approaches our automated pay stations. Once your vehicle is identified, you are granted access to the tunnel and our computer automatically provides you the proper wash package you purchased with your monthly pass. The Rocket Pass is used in our monthly wash passes & commercial fleet programs.
6How Do I Sign Up for a Monthly Pass?
To enroll, simply visit one of our locations and select which plan you would like. For more information visit the Monthly Rocket Pass page.
7Do you vacuum the inside of my car?
Well, sort of. JJ’s Express Car Wash is what is commonly referred to as an "Express Exterior Wash". What that means is that our state-of-the-art computerized equipment in the tunnel gives you a quality exterior wash, but we do not vacuum or clean the inside. BUT WAIT!!! We do offer 16 commercial grade vacuum stations for you to self-vacuum - and the best part...the vacuum use is FREE with any wash package purchase!
8What kind of chemicals or soaps do you use?
All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid and caustic free, and are biodegradable. They are safe for your vehicle and for the environment.
9Will the cloth in the wash scratch my vehicle?
Absolutely Not! Car wash technology has come a long way. Our cloth utilizes felt cloth technology that “polishes” your car as it washes it. New car manufacturers use this same high quality cloth to clean cars fresh off the assembly line. The cloth has a small nap that it cant hold any dirt or debris. We work diligently to insure that the cleaning experience is as safe as possible.
10Does your car wash waste a lot of water?
No. Believe it or not, we recycle up to 75% of our water! We use a PurWater™ Reclaim System and advanced computerized equipment to treat and recycle our wash water to be reused when cleaning your wheels and tires, underbody and in some high pressure applications. We love the environment as much as we love clean cars!
11Do you offer fundraising programs?
Absolutely! Please check out our fundraising page. We would love to visit with you about how JJ’s Express Car Wash can partner with your organization to provide a simple and easy recurring fundraising program for your organization.
12Do you like feedback?
Absolutely and twice on Sunday. As we mentioned, we are your neighbors and we want you to be a RAVING FAN of JJ’s Express Car Wash. Our owner's personal number is listed on this website and we also very much welcome you to complete our survey. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!


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